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Chairman introduction

  Mr. Wang Yanbo: General Manager of ZZJH, Deputy director of laboratory of foodstuff & oil college of Zhengzhou Institute of Technology, male, bachelor degree, Standing Member of China Starch Industry Association, Director of central plain region of China Starch Professional Committee, Deputy director of Quality Control Association of Zhengzhou High-Tech Zone, General engineer of starch engineering.

  Mainly engaged in academic research in the field of crop processing, and the scientific research, teaching, engineering design, technology equipment developing for starch and its deep processing subject. Having rich debugging work experience near for one hundred starch plants. Taken part in near forty starch plants engineering design work, especially for the constructions of Zhengzhou Jinghua Starch Engineering & Technology Development Co., Ltd. undertaken.

  His professional published books:

  《The Technology of Starch Producing and Quality Control》,

  《Handbook of Starch Engineering Design》,

  《National Standard GB/T8613-1999》。

  His main published Science Articles:

  "The present situation and development direction of wheat starch producing technology and equipment of our country",

  "The researching of technology and parameter of wheat starch and gluten producing with full wet method",

  "The separating technology for wheat starch producing",

  "Producing and Application of wheat starch and gluten",

  "The characteristic and application of wheat starch and gluten",

  "The present situation and development of wheat starch producing in our country",

  "Increasing control strength to boost healthy development of starch industry",

  "Technology of producing starch sugar used corn directly",

  The scientific research items passing provincial and departmental appraisal or above:

  1、Producing technology of refine corn powder and special foodstuff corn powder, departmental appraisal,

  2、Development of Rasper CM840-30,provincial tackle key project,

  3、Development of centrifugal sieve ZXS850, provincial tackle key project,

  4、Research and developing of XL-424starch hydrocyclone , provincial key project,

  5、Research of fine and deep process of special corn,provincial key project,

  6、Research of technology and equipment for potato starch producing with 720t/d capacity,

  7、Research of PLC,PC controlling technology on starch plant,

  8、Research of full close starch producing technology,



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