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  Henan Institute of Technology Design and Research Institute Essence Starch Institute is mainly dedicated to the research and development design of various starch projects, the feasibility study report and the preparation of project proposals.

  Henan Institute of Technology Design and Research Institute was established in 1982. It integrates design, scientific research, and general contracting. Relying on Henan University of Technology (formerly Zhengzhou Grain Institute) with a history of more than 50 years of undergraduate education, it is backed by dozens of disciplines. Supported by the scientific research results of the subject, it is equipped with a technical team of more than 100 professionals such as grain storage, milling, oil, feed, rice, corn processing, construction, structure, water, electricity, heating, budget, etc., adhering to carefully designed, scientific The concept of management, sincerity and trustworthiness, and high-quality service has strong competitiveness in the same industry, and is one of the key design institutes in China's commercial grain industry.

  The establishment of Henan Institute of Technology's Design and Research Institute of Essence Starch marks that Zhengzhou Essence Industrial Co., Ltd.'s design and research and development capabilities are fully affirmed. Zhengzhou Jingjing Industrial Co., Ltd. will also provide our customers with more rigorous and scientific engineering design, feasibility study reports and project design books.


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