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The China international potato expo

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Wang yanbo, chairman of our company, was invited to attend the meeting of Chinese starch industry association, which was held at sheraton hotel in wuhan on September 16, 2015. The meeting held a credit rating evaluation ceremony and issued a credit rating board for the evaluation of 15 aaa-rated enterprises in the 2014 credit rating. Summarizes the "2014 annual association work", 2014 is the 30 anniversary of the founding of China starch industry association and the journal of starch and starch sugar 40 anniversary, to commemorate the event, association held a series of meetings in Shanghai, and edit published "yearbook"; On the basis of various activities of the commission, it is widely used for the service of member units, especially in the pursuit of industry policy. It is recommended that the country include starch in the catalogue of the first processed products. Adjust VAT; To coordinate with the customs general administration to solve the problem of export tax refund for protein powder;Corn starch futures successfully listed and other work.

The conference voted to adopt the "preparatory committee for the eighth general election"; The candidates of the council recommend the methods to be produced, the principles to be followed, and the indicators of directors, standing directors and vice presidents.

I would like to recommend 108 members for the recommendation of 126 directors. It is recommended to recommend 32 standing directors and recommend 38 standing directors. The proposed recommendation will be 1, 8 vice-chairmen and 1 secretary-general, and the vice President will try to recommend 10. The above election indicators shall be elected at the next general meeting after the approval of the ministry of finance and the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission.

The meeting added a supplement to comrade tian wenjun as vice President of the 7th general assembly; Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd. Is the member of the seventh general meeting of China starch industry association. Wei xuming is the standing director of the seventh general meeting of China starch industry association. According to the change and application of the members, the change of the list of directors and members of the board of directors shall be adjusted.

The meeting made some changes to the constitution of the association.

Discussion on the draft of the 13th five-year plan of China's starch industry; The draft of the report of the seven sessions of the council was discussed. And listen to the report of tong yi, executive vice President of the association, on the current situation and future development trend of China's starch industry.

Meeting "unified thought, condensed the resultant force", the council is the actuator association, responsible to the general assembly, "a great responsibility and glorious mission", to give full play to the role of the council, perform the duties of a director, actively participate in the work of the association, adjust the structure, the transformation and upgrading, science and technology, environmental protection, efficiency, boost China's economic development.



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