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  • 名称: Crusher
  • Apply: It is widely used in the crushing of bulk materials in potato processing.
  • Machinable material: Sweet potato tapioca
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Characteristics of the equipment

The performance of domestic and foreign similar equipment and the company's years of experience in the use of independent research and development;

The machine is simple to make, the design is novel, the structure is compact, the disassembly is convenient, the maintenance cost is low;

The machine is small in size, high in handling capacity, low energy consumption and smooth operation.

Avoid repetitive cutting of materials and improve effective ability;

The blade is specially treated and durable.

The contact part of the material is made of stainless steel, which ensures the material is not contaminated by the outside world.

The appearance adopts advanced surface treatment technology, beautiful and generous, oil resistant, corrosion resistant and dirty;

The machine can be widely used in the crushing of bulk materials in potato processing

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