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The system characteristics

Electrical control system is mainly composed of MCC motor control cabinet, OCC operations control center tank, PLC programmable controller, LCB site electrical operation control box, process simulation control panel and industrial control computer, etc. The electric gas cabinet adopts the all-steel spray plastic shell, which has good grounding and electrical isolation, which conforms to IEC international standard.

The process simulation shows that the control panel device graphics, process flow, operating condition indication and control button are all in one body, showing the intuitionistic and preventing the wrong operation. The screen adopts imported material, which is strong and beautiful and easy to clean. LED light bulbs, high luminous efficiency, long life, high reliability. And the industrial control computer can coordinate the data communication of the control components such as intelligent instrument, PLC and governor in the system, with multiple dynamic graphics display. It can display the process flow chart dynamically and can display the real-time process parameters such as speed, current, pressure, flow, density, temperature and liquid level. And control and monitor the operation of the equipment in real time, and realize equipment failure alarm and recording. The production process data can also be recorded, stored, and produced various process production reports. The machine for the production of central monitoring, operation and management, USES the high antimagnetic, shockproof, prevent dust, the anti-jamming ability of industrial control computer, no failure rate can amount to thousands of hours, can be used long continuous work.

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